Welcome to my Tantric journey, 

my website is manifesting all I have learned through my Tantric and therapeutic practise  working with  Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, Somatic body work. And what I would like manifest with my work now is, how important it is to Slowing Down in your life. You can feel and enjoy only when you are relaxed and have time to feel and listen to yourself.  

I am Barbora, 36 years old cosmopolitan woman from Prague who has lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark, London now in Brighton.

I have been meeting and working with many people during my 8 years practise and  finding out best way how to help them in their challenging  and difficult life time situations and has been finding out and studying how to help people to move on and feel better.

It took me few years of Tantric practise and lately study of Psychosexual Therapy and Somatics Therapy for me to realise, the best way how to help, is to teach and give people tools, experience and skills so they can help themselves and become their own master of their life.

So my main part of work I do in my Tantra is about Empowerment and Integration. 

I will speak with you and ask you some questions, I may challenge you to help you to bring consciousness, I will ask you to be actively working with yourself, explore your motion and breathing … on your journey. 

This is (I offer help to ) people who seek authentic experience with their body and energy and improvement, who are curious and ready to spent time to explore and go through transformation.  

Tantra is approach to experience and enjoy.  it is awakening, connecting experience of your self. I am your guide on your journey to help you to connect and feel and experience. 

Your tantric session I can offer also sex coaching (explain wha is it) if you are interested to understand more of . 

My Tantra is for those who want to explore their sexual life to enjoy healthy sexual fulfilling life and relationships and connection to their pleasure body. Please be aware my Tantra is NOT a sex and I do not work in sexual relationships with my clients.

During my 8 years  of tantric, conscious sexuality body work practice I have been inviting women, men and couples to meeting them self as sexual free beings, offering space to talk to help them understand their body and sexuality, to get rid of shame about their body reactions and desires. My Tantra is about Empowerment and awakening of your consciousness. 

I have been inviting women, men and couples to Tantric sessions and sex-pleasure coaching. I have also been leading tantric evenings for couples and groups who are interested in exploring their sexual and intimate life, relationships, and personal development.

I was first captured by the Tantra universe a long time ago and have been seeking to get to know myself as a sexual woman and finally find pleasure in my life.  After lots of searching, I realised that I cannot really learn Tantra, just experience myself. I can only find myself in Tantric experience and learn about myself, how I relate and enjoy my body, let go of performance and control. I slowly got to know my body and my sexuality as my nature and the added benefit was experiencing pure sensation. This is why I am fascinated with how sexuality feels, how it works and what impact it has on my life.

I have been through a lot of seminars and courses, of course, but how important are they all actually? I have learned that the key is to experience and enjoy contact and conscience and this is how I’ve decided to start sharing Tantra with others. It became my daily life. I am happy and feel grateful to share what I know with others and invite them to enjoy their own journey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]