Tantric session… the honouring of body and spirit

… is for everybody women, men, couples who are over 21 years old, who are open to new experience and self exploration, seeking help and support for better self relation, owning and understanding sexual energy.  It is about creating an authentic act of honouring the body and sexual energy through the conscious touch. That deep experience teaches you how to own, contain and enjoy your sexual energy. Slow down, be here and now, breathe and feel the magic of your own being.

My conscious touch is there to invite you to feel and reconnect, not to give you sexual satisfaction. Please don’t misunderstand that. Tantric experience goes beyond mind understanding. It is hard to explain. I like to go with the flow and follow my clients intentions and wishes, that is why talking on the phone is important if you are interested in booking a Tantric session with me.

Tantric session available

2 hours tantra session for £200 

2,5 hours tantra session for £250

(be aware of cancelation policy, if you cancel your session within 24 before you booking there is £50 fee )

it is crucial not to feel rushed and have enough time for yourself especially after your session

In the session you are invited to wake up the senses and increase the awareness of feeling your body, energy. Feel fully your life-force, sexual energy in your body. I will teach you about feeling and containing your body energy.

It is about feeling and connecting your body and feelings in a loving, welcoming way …. celebrating your full body experience. Please understand that it is different and I do not offer any sexual service

You get unique opportunity to be sexual, that doesn’t mean to have sex.  This is freedom of being yourself and getting connected with your sexual being and embodying that important part of yourself.

It is an opportunity to let go of the expectations and control, to just be and enjoy to feel,  learn and experience to embrace your pure nature including a deeper understanding and experiencing of your sexual energy.

You are very welcome to ask or write me, if you have any questions

And what to expect from Tantra massage session briefly?

We meet and start with talking … When you arrive, we talk first. I am here to answer any practical questions. It is also an opportunity to open up and speak freely about your needs and expectations, stuff you may want to explore through Tantra, or just share. I teach you a few exercises, how you can reconnect to yourself and feel more relaxed, down regulate yourself and be ready for tantric honoring.

Tantric body experience … Conscious touch … body honouring ritual 

When you feel free to continue into our body experience part of the session, I will welcome you in the Tantra room. You are welcome to take a shower (recommended) before and after at the spot.

We meet in sarong to begin and start with a few short tantric exercises, breathing, to let you experience and understand it through your body. Sharing with you some important tips. It all goes with the flow of how you feel and how your body is feeling to start your journey. Most important is you feel safe and comfortable in the space, your boundaries are fully respected and you are fully in charge of your experience. I trust you to say NO or STOP in any moment of your session, if you feel that is not what you feel good about.  We are naked during the ritual after taking sarong off, but it is not necessary. I do also offer Tantra in sarong, it is all up to you, as long as you feel safe and comfortable.

It’s not necessary to have any previous knowledge of Tantra, you won’t have to do anything specific. I will guide you throughout the session. It is important you understand you are responsible for your experience and actions both during and after the session and you shall inform me immediately if you wish the session to stop or proceed differently. Your boundaries are fully respected.

I use high quality organic oils (coconut and possibly essential oils). If you have any allergies or do not feel comfortable using oil, we can work around this.
With any more questions, or to make a booking, please contact me.