For Women looking for sexual liberation, experience and learn to create loving connection to their body and having fulfilling sex life

Barbora Koblizek, Tantra session with woman

We women have had a hard time in our society in the past. Our relation to body and sex has been very repressed and controlled. For a long time our rights were suppressed and ignored. Now is the time we have a choice. I am here to help women to reconnect with their body and let them understand how amazing is our power as women and how we can embody our sexuality.

When I was 26 I started to explore Tantra in safe and open place in Denmark. That transformation changed my life so much to loving relationship to myself, my body and feeling my feminine power, loving sex and be able to enjoy myself in safe loving yet powerful way. What a gift of life:  Empowering women to process their sexual issues in their life to start truly to love their body, to feel more alive and enjoy the pleasure in life.


Do you recognise our self in my story?

After having my own sexual awakening through Tantra (10 year ago) and Psychosexual Therapy (5 years ago) I can say now I am owning my feminine power and  I love myself and my body.  Having hard time  to be teenager to deal with my sexuality and body, sex was not anything to enjoy for myself, I just felt I have to do it to be a “good woman” To feel good about myself I can satisfy men, but inside I felt empty, confuse, shamed. fully in performance mode. I could not express my boundaries to say NO when I felt uncomfortable. I was ashamed to talk about my needs and desires. I did not see sex and my sexuality a something good and nice.

I am now offering the journey of sexual healing and gaining back feminine power to women in my Tantra in Brighton. My intention is to let you feel and experience how your boy is amazing and sensual, how much potential we have if we women own our sexual energy, express it and enjoy it with love and joy.

I have for you few questions to explore ….

Ask yourself honestly with compassion…. How do you define your relationship with your body? Do you love yourself and how do you feel and practice it in your life? How much judgment do you have about yourself, your body and your sexuality? What are your beliefs about you being a woman and how do you live it? How do you enjoy pleasure in your intimate life? Can you say NO and YES ?

I am happy to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to have a short consultation.

with love Barbora