Hello Goddess, you can expect from Tantric session when you come to me?

Barbora Koblizek, Tantra session with woman

I can speak only from my own experience and so it is about learning thought experiencing. It is about your journey to explore and discover to feel and connect with yourself. I am here to invite you to honouring your body as temple and enjoying sexual energy in flow.  That is very liberating. We woman has very hard history in our society. Our relation to body and sex has been very repressed and controlled. Let´s transformation begin.

For me personally to feel sexual and be in touch with my body and sexual energy is biggest gift I got from Tantra. I love that celebration of life. I have learned to feel my body and myself as woman. I feel honoured to be able to invite other women on that journey.

I found tantric massage very helpful for those who struggle with intimacy and self-esteem. I was in that space in past. No pleasure in my body, not at all in my genitals. My relationship with my genitals was not almost existing beside dealing with a lot of shame and performance pressure. How I am supposed to be a woman? Sex is strange and hurting. I cannot feel and speak my boundaries. I do not understand why sex is good. That was me 10 years ago.

I have been helping last 6 years to women, mostly in Denmark but now also in London, to re-connect with their intimacy life and bodies. Empower them to deal with sexual issues on their journey to feel and enjoy pleasure. It is not about performing, it is about joy of life. Learn how to adore your GODDESS within you.

I have for you some inspiration to explore and wonder about….

Ask yourself without with love but honesty…. What is your relation with you body? Do you love yourself and how do you feel and practice it in your life? How much judgment do you have about yourself, your body and your sexuality? What is your belief about you being a woman, you in sexual connection?


If you have any specific questions, please contact me.