I adore working with two people who want to discover new ways of connection, intimacy and experience of pleasure together. I have been helping couples for more than 3 years to explore of being sexual and intimate.


I see Tantra as an invitation – an invitation to enjoy being yourself in the meeting with your partner. It is not about learning and following techniques, it is an invitation to sexual loving rituals that celebrate our individuality in connection with the others. Celebrating of feeling sexual and free of goals to reach, to enjoy your sensation and pleasure in deeper connection.

And yes I do use techniques, but as tool to explore and wonder, to be curious, have fun and wake up excitement, be open and playful, discover yours limits and potential.

Giving and getting pleasure in sex is beautiful but it can often lead to unfilled expectations and then to frustrations. And as my experiences are … lovers’ play can be far more than that.

In my experience and practice, sex is not hard work. Enjoying sex is celebration of life and feeling pleasure that you share with your partner. I am here to help you to understand through your own experience to connect to our pleasure body and show you ways how to share it together. I lead you but we create all play together. You will always be encouraged to openly express how you feel, what works and what doesn’t work for you individually or, as a couple.

All what is needed is you coming both open, curious and happy to explore and I am here to help you with that. Please be ware of your boundaries. That is very important you do not do anything what you don’t feel comfortable or safe about.

In my tantric sessions I do use my therapeutical skills from my Psychosexual Somatic practise. It is still tantric session but I like to bring more awareness in to your cognitive way of thinking and understanding to help to to set it free and be open for new approach and new experience. We can go through honouring rituals to breathing and touching exercises… there are a lot to explore and experience. Each session is based individually to what you need, want, wish you achieve and learn.

Most used reasons for couples to come I have experienced

  • our sexual life is now disappearing from your life and we don’t want to give up.
  • we would like to enjoy more in our intimacy and sexual life and look for new experience
  • we are trying for long time to get a child and our sexual life is driven by doctors, pills and ovulation, it is very hard and we are loosing our partnership because of that
  • we got child and are very happy parents but as partners we are loosing our connection, we look for help to be lovers again

If you would like to know more or book a session please contact me 07704903787

I look forward to hear from you