Perhaps all of us know that feeling of worthlessness and longing for sexual fulfilment and it feels it is almost impossible to get it. It may feel so long time ago of last experience of feeling sexual or even hoping it will happen.

Sex is the natural human part of life, unfortunately we are still struggling in our society and we don’t learn how to own our sexual energy. So how shall we know it? Feeling numbness or oversensitive and then frustrated.  There is still a lot of shame about owning and enjoying your sexual energy, spent time to live your desires and feel pleasure in the life.

Then come the urge and feelings of desperation. What to do? There is perhaps a lots of shame of feeling sexual needs, especially if there is nobody in our life we can talk about it with and share it with.

Maybe we have been told to feel and enjoy to be sexual and excited is wrong and we are not allowed to. Please bring more compassion to your life and to yourself. There is hope and it is never to late. But be aware it is a life journey

Talking about your frustration especially if it is connected to your sexual life is first, important step. And yes I know it, it is also quite difficult one, to admit how I feel and to face it. It is not easy I admit I have problem.

But let me tell you secret, you are not alone with this experience, it is quite normal. Thing is it, is still a kind of tabu in our society to say, I am sexually frustrated. Especially it is hard if you are in relationship and you don’t want to hurt your partner or make things complicated.