Are you longing to heal your own intimacy, sexuality and relationship patterns that keep repeating and are limiting you?  If you want to understand the meaning and the unconscious messages of your body, release tension and emotions you holding and learn how to integrate your power, to feel more joy and pleasure. All that is connected to sexual and intimacy life, because how you show up in sex reflects how you show up in life.

We work together through curiosity and judgment-free safe space.

For them who don’t know what is Psychosexual Coaching, shortly described as counselling  where we focus on your behaviour patterns and your body reactions with awareness about your body sensation and emotions during the each session.

During the Psychosexual Coaching to be clear, I am not touching your genitals and we are both dressed, and there can be involved a strong reliance of supporting touch through hands on Somatics work with different therapeutic techniques. During your sessions you learn skill and tools to help you better understand your body signals and reactions and increase your self-awareness. And that helps you to feel and own your power and make better decisions in your life by knowing yourself better.

This is NOT Tantra massage. It is really deep talking exploration that includes Somatics integration (feeling and inviting you in to your body sensation and feeling of your emotions).

price is 1 hour (60 mins)  is £60 and is individual from 1 up til 2 hours

You can also use it as consultation of any issue that bothers you in your sexual life and about your sexual health to help you understand how you feel in that moment of your life and get help to orient.

What you can get out of it? 

Communicate and express your boundaries, needs and desires. Transform unhealthy relational patterns, I have experience to help men with porn addiction. Feeling potential of your masculine/feminine energy. Heal shame. Resolve sexual challenges. Learn how to regulate your nervous system for intimacy to feel more pleasure. 

Please be aware of it is Therapeutic work and therapy is a process and it involves your time, energy and money. And I am here to lead you, invite you to your exploration and understanding

  • I feel I would like help with understanding my sexual identity
  • I feel disconnected, numb, or oversensitive in my body and look for help to feel better
  • I want to feel more feminine/masculine/ self-confident
  • I struggle with low self-esteem
  • I have difficulties to feel pleasure during sex
  • Sex is painful and awful for me but I seek help to change it
  • I feel nervous, shame or anxiety in my life


sincerely Barbora