What is Tantra? … an invitation to feel and experience yourself.

In my tantric practise understanding you can perceive Tantra as an invitation to feel back into your body, to enjoy the sensations, re-connect with your energy, feel sexual and enjoy your life more by feeling more. To feel sexual doesn’t mean to have sex, Tantra is helpful to learn about your self, your body and contain sexual energy to feel more alive and joyful.

It leads you to wake up your awareness, to live in present moment of feeling pleasure, enjoy self-care and self-love.

It is an opportunity to free your mind from control, fear, guilt, shame that can be restrictive and limiting in your life.

I create a safe space for you to explore and feel… all what comes to you, all you feel is yours, just relax in to the flow and enjoy it. It is journey to discover how amazing our body is and what all you can feel and enjoy with yourself if you can release control and performance.

Tantra opens new ways of experiencing, understanding and feeling yourself. It’s the journey of yours to your own greater consciousness. Be free and enjoy it as it comes to you, go with the flow. My touch is guiding you, but nothing more than that.

For all, who seek to understand and enjoy more in their intimate and sexual life, for them who want to get deeper, possibly to get to know principles of Tantra I am here to be your guide. My Tantric sessions are very individual due to what you wish and search.

With any more questions, or to book a session, please contact me.

with love and compassion,