You can find my Tantra Slow Sexuality in Brighton, Preston Park, 4 mins walk from the train station.  I can also offer occasionally time in London in Elephant and Castle mainly Fridays morning noon.

Appointments are made over the phone only. It is important for me we have short chat and I would like to hear about your intentions and expectations and give you space to have questions to my Tantra.           http://+44 7704 903 787              

Please feel free to e-mail me as well, if you have any specific questions:

Sessions I offer:

Tantric session (body work with conscious touch, honouring of the body, leading you to feel and connect to your sexual energy, to your body empowerment)  

Brighton    2 hours – £200    or    2,5 hours – £250                 longer sessions individually are available (£100 per hours)

London        2 hours – £250   or    2,5 hours – £300

Psychosexual coaching is £60 hour for them who would like to explore more about their behaviour patterns and coping mechanisms. It is talking coaching and we are both in cloth. I can combine coaching with somatic awareness (body work).

Important to be aware of… I do not offer any sexual service, my touch is invitation for you to feel and enjoy connecting with yourself

All my Tantra sessions are based on mutual respect for individual boundaries, emotional and physical.  I do not answer to any demands, I am here to invite you to experience yourself to feel sexual and explore your journey of feeling yourself and have deep self experience. It is about feeling and connecting back to your body, reconnect to explore and sense sexual energy, feeling sexual. But it is not about having sex. Please understand the difference. And don’t use my time if you look for sexual service.

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