After so many people writing me and talking about what they need and expect. I would like to bring bit more clarity to what you can expect and how I actually work.



I am on my own professional journey and I have been working with Tantra and sexuality for last 7 years. And so my work is in constant transformation. What is important is my INTENTION to work with people to help them in different ways to feel better about their body and sex life and empower them in their life. But I have to say “I am not a surrogate”, please don’t get it wrong. Last 2 years I am also practising Psychosexual Somatics Therapy, so I am more like the therapist.

Even in my tantric work with clients I share my therapeutic approach and tools and try to do the best individually for each client, to get her\him sensible support. So after your session you can use it to get more of your power back, to feel more confident and be able to live everyday life feeling good about yourself and interact with others.


Sincerely Barbora Koblizek