My own Tantric Journey

My professional life originally started as a pedagogue and a social worker. Nowadays, I work with conscious sexuality in Tantra, getting more into yoga and, most recently, Psychosexual Somatics Therapy that is body oriented counselling to help people in their sexual and intimacy life.

I was first captured by the Tantra universe a long time ago in my 20ties and have been seeking to get to know myself better and get help with my complicated sexual life. After long searching, I realised that I cannot learn Tantra as techniques to use, it is about my own relationship to myself. I can only find myself in Tantra and perceive, feel myself through that experience. I slowly got to know my body and my sexuality as my nature and the added benefit was experiencing pure sensation and please and flow of energy. This is why I am fascinated by how sexuality feels and embodies,  and what impact it has on my life in a positive way.

I have been through a lot of seminars and courses, of course, but how important are they all actually? I have learned that the key is to experience and enjoy the connection and beauty of the present moment and this is how I’ve decided to start sharing Tantra with others. It became my daily life. I am happy and feel grateful to share what I know with others and invite them to enjoy their own journey. My intention is to help others to feel more connected to body and sensations and feelings. Find your own journey to get support to feel more yourself, grounded and joyful.