zWhat is therapeutic about Tantra?

My experiences with Tantra, over the years, have all been a form of Tantric therapy. Through discovering and experiencing my myself, I became my own therapist. All these experiences started highlighting behavioural patterns, fears, shame over my body, contact to my sexuality, self-destructive feelings, body memory of unpleasant sexual experiences, all of which have been creating blocks in my body. My journey to open, to feel, to understand my body started and continue through inviting and guiding other people, who want to change and improve their life and find back connection to the life force.

Tantric therapy opens to a whole new way of relating to yourself, of being present, be conscious and feeling you in your body with all emotions open. As your energy flows your awareness will also grow and this could highlight behavioural patterns in your life, or issues from your past. This new awareness then enables personal growth.

Tantra then became an incredibly interesting journey in discovering my sexuality and energy in my body and new way of understanding the life – by enjoying body experience and touch, how deep can I go in experiencing myself. I am just wondering and enjoying.

There is no goal to reach, no plan to fulfil, and since there is nothing to achieve, you also become free of stress, frustration and conflict.

Tantric therapy is a liberating path to understanding, an understanding that comes to you through your senses, not through thinking and analyzing. Nobody else can really understand you better then you on your own. I am purely here to guide you through.