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Welcome to an Authentic Tantric experience in Brighton

You can find my Tantra in Brighton, Rottingdean. There is private parking or bus station 5mins to walk.

Appointments are made over the phone only. It is important for me we have short chat and I would like to hear about your intentions and expectations and give you space to have questions to my Tantric practise.             http://+44 7704 903 787              

Please feel free to e-mail me as well, if you have any specific questions:

Tantric session -body work with conscious touch and breathing, the ritual of honouring the body , leading you to feel and connect to your sexual energy, Tantric session is whole body experience  

Fees:      2hours – £200    or    2,5 hours – £250      longer sessions individually are available (£100 per hours)


Important to be aware of… I do not offer any sexual service, my touch is invitation for you to feel and enjoy conscious connection with your body

All my Tantra sessions are based on mutual respect for individual boundaries, emotional and physical.  I do not answer to any demands, I am here to invite you to experience yourself to feel sexual and explore your journey of feeling yourself and have deep self experience. It is about feeling and connecting back to your body, reconnecting to explore and sense sexual energy, feeling sexual. But it is not about having sex. Please understand the difference, don’t use my time if you look for other kind of service.

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Tantric sessions

What is Tantra

… an invitation feel and explore yourself as sexual being, learn how to contain sexual energy, release shame and invite more energy in to your body… in to your everyday life

In my Tantric practise you can perceive Tantra as an invitation to feel into your body, to enjoy your sensation, re-connect with your energy, feel sexual and stepping in to your authenticity… feel safe and comfortable is essential. It is your experience, your Journey where you decide.. your boundaries are alway respected…no goals to reach… just enjoy to feel and be

My clients Experience

Dear Barbora, I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was so much more than I had imagined. My body still quivers when I think of it.

I found it quite difficult to put how I felt into words afterwards, as I’m sure you noticed. I felt safe, loved, sensual, vulnerable, able to just trust, to let go when I was with you and just be myself without worry, which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. I left full of warmth and a feeling of connection to you and myself.

My clients experience

I first visited Barbora a few days before surgery for cancer aware that my operation would bring permanent change to my experience of physical pleasure.  The session provided me a perfect space to both honour the past and move forward accepting the transition.  I left healthily energised and fully able to embrace the change.  Subsequently, I have had further tantra sessions to learn, delight in pleasure and be re-energised.  I find Barbora’s dynamic approach a huge help in accepting, exploring and being me.

My clients experience

Through Barbora’s guidance, I was able to uncover the moment that I lost a very important part of myself.

My body has been holding on too many emotions and memories which has been stored so deep that I wasn’t able to see them; maybe because I thought they were me.

I am sincerely grateful to you Barbora. You made me feel very comfortable, safe, loved and I never once felt like a client, patient or student.

You met me at an equal level and through your compassion, selflessness and love I was able to find myself.

Thank you Barbora

tantra healing
Tantra conscious touch

My tantric work

Welcome to my Slow Sexuality Tantra in Brighton

I have had my long lasting career with Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, Body work healing, lately talking therapy. In Tantric session I offering my skills, experience and passion to support other on that journey.  

I am Barbora, 36 years old cosmopolitan woman from Prague who has lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark, the last 5 years in London and now in Brighton. I had my amazing tantric journey in last 10 years and it became my life style more than anything else. Feel sexual in my body, be able to express it and live it. With each breath to celebrate life itself.

I have been working with many people during last 8 years in my Tantra and Conscious Sexuality practise and it took me few years of Tantric practise and lately study of Psychosexual Somatics Therapy for realise, the best way to feel sexual and learn about the sexuality is when we slow down.

Tantra work I offer is about creating connection to yourself.   We cannot feel if we are in constant tension or in our thinking. If you look for experience and skills to learn to built up your self-confidence Tantra is wonderful approach to support you and offer you deep self development and create connections.


I may challenge you with to ask you some personal questions,  to support you to bring more consciousness and wonder about your self and your life.

I will ask you to  be involved and wonder about yourself, explore your motion and breathing on your journey to your unique sexual liberation and experience.



To be or not to be….sexual

You don’t need to only think about sex or having sex to enjoy life through your sexual energy. It is our nature, vital part,  that has been for ages repressed in the society. It is still repressed in many countries in the world. Tantra in my practise is invitation to connect to your source of power. All you need for joyful life, you already have within, tantra is invitation to reconnect to your inner resources.

You are lucky, you life in your culture where it is your own choice to be or not to be sexual. So what do you decide for? And do you need help with our journey to be sexual? I have some tips and helpful guidance you can use.

It is about liberations, self love and compassion … so let’s celebrate your life through sexual energy.

How? Ask I may know a bit about it… 😉