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You can find me in Southwark London in Elephant and Castle(10 minutes from London Bridge or Waterloo).

Appointments are made over the phone only. It is important we have short chat and I would like to hear your intentions and expectations.  

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Please feel free to e-mail me as well, if you have any specific questions:

Session I offer:

Tantric session (body work with conscious touch, honouring of the body, leading you to feel and connect to your sexual energy, to your body empowerment)  you can choose between.     2hours – £200    or    2,5 hours – £250

Psychosexual coaching is £60 hour for them






All my Tantra sessions are based on mutual respect for individual boundaries, emotional and physical.  I do not answer to demands, I am here to invite you to experience yourself to feel sexual and explore your journey of feeling yourself and have deep self experience. It is about feeling and connecting back to your body, reconnect to explore and sense sexual energy. It is not about having sex. Please understand that is different and

Thank you I look forward to hear from you


What is Tantra

… an invitation feel and explore yourself as sexual human being

In my Tantric practise you can perceive Tantra as an invitation to feel into your body, to enjoy your sensation, re-connect with your energy, feel sexual and stepping in to your authenticity… feel safe and comfortable is essential. It is your experience, your Journey where you decide.. your boundaries are alway respected…no goals to reach… just enjoy to be

My tantric work

About Barbora

Welcome to my Slow Sexuality tantra 

I offer all my skills and experience I have learned through 7 years of my Tantric and therapeutic practise, working with Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, Somatic body work. And what I would like manifest with my work now is, how important it is to Slowing Down in your life. You can feel and enjoy only when you are relaxed and have time to feel and listen to yourself.  

I am Barbora, 35 years old cosmopolitan woman from Prague who has lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark, and now the last 4 years in London.

I have been meeting and working with many people during my 7 years practise and  finding out best way how to support people in their hard/difficult life time situations, opening new and different approach with Tantra… inviting my clients to the authentic Tantric Journey.

It took me few years of Tantric practise and lately study of Psychosexual Somatics Therapy for me to realise, the best way how to help, is to teach people to explore and wonder how amazing is the body, how to connect, listen and enjoy the connection. Slowing down is essential part of re-connecting. If you have any questions, please ask …

So my main part of work I do in my Tantra is about Empowerment and Integration of sexual energy.

I will speak with you and ask you some questions, I may challenge you to help you to bring consciousness, I will ask you to be actively working with yourself, explore your motion and breathing … on your journey.


To be or not to be….sexual

You don’t need to only think about sex or having sex to enjoy life through your sexual energy. It is our nature, vital part,  that has been for ages repressed in the society. It is still repressed in many countries in the world. Tantra in my practise is invitation to connect to your source of power. All you need for joyful life, you already have within, tantra is invitation to reconnect to your inner resources.

You are lucky, you life in your culture where it is your own choice to be or not to be sexual. So what do you decide for? And do you need help with our journey to be sexual? I have some tips and helpful guidance you can use.

It is about liberations, self love and compassion … so let’s celebrate your life through sexual energy.

How? Ask I may know a bit about it… 😉

Slow Sexuality

TANTRIC SESSION …. body work…. conscious touch

Slow Sexuality Invitation

Slow Sexuality invitation

Tantra is an INVITATION

Tantric journey ..Invitation
Come to understand and learn more about yourself in different way through pure experience of sensing and feeling. How do you experience your sexual energy in your everyday life? Do you feel you would like to feel better and feel more in your life?

Tantra can be your Gateway

Discover more about your Life Force
Wake up your awareness in your body… feel yourself as whole being. Take responsibility for your own life and your feelings, needs, desires and create your life through awareness and love. Open gateway to your potential and limitations through loving and passionate connection.


Conscious sexuality
Encounter yourself in love. Meet yourself in love and respect. Release the shame about sex and body. Get some useful informations about how your body feels and react and how important is to Slow Down. Best way how to learn is self experience.

Psychosexual Coaching

I offer you space and  place to explore our believes and patterns in your sex life, where you can improve and understand how do you relate to your body, energy, sexuality and emotions and transfer your life through opening to consciousness. This is talking and body feeling process where you learn about your power and get skills and tools for better sex life.


In proggress